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Seeing comes before words - John Berger


I am Stefano Notargiacomo, born in 1994, documentary, landscape and portraits photographer.
I started taking pictures with my father since I was a child: he transmitted this passion to me that I always carried with me in every moment of my life.

After graduating as a chemical specialist, I began my studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Pisa. In 2015, after two years of study, I decided to leave university as I understood that this was not the future I wanted to have.

I started studying photography to try to show the world the way I look at it.
I studied one year at BlinkCircusAcademy while I was working as a secretary.
In 2019 I graduated at ISFCI Academy, in Rome.

Through my way of seeing, I try to look for affinities and / or contradictions among people, landscapes, stories and society, with irony or humanity according to the cases.

In 2020 I worked as online bookshop manager of Leporello bookshop et al.
My project “Emilio” was selected at Funzilla Expo 2020.

At the moment I work as freelance photographer.






I am Stefano Notargiacomo, from Arpino.
Graduated at ISFCI in 2019.
Actually I live in Rome and I work as online bookshop manager and freelance photographer.

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