brà|ces.f.av. 1294; late Latin *brasĭa, der. of brasa ‘burning coals’, from Germ. *brasa, cf. Swedish brasa ‘fire, pyre’.

The series tells of a hazy, inhospitable landscape in which everything seems to be covered by a blanket of smoke.
Misty, uncertain atmospheres traverse a countryside in which beauty manifests itself in many forms, only to disappear into darkness.
Behind every visible thing hides a flower, while in every thought the moon.

It is not a depiction of a quietism, but a vain struggling in a continuous search, where the slow passing of the seasons is bound up with uncertainty, becoming a reason for despair.


I am Stefano Notargiacomo, from Arpino.
Graduated at ISFCI in 2019.
Actually I live in Rome and I work as online bookshop manager and freelance photographer.

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